Shareholding NFT

Given that one of the ideologies of the development team of the large and powerful Wiipro Product City project is citizen participation in the profits of various aspects of this grand project, we have decided to involve a limited number of citizens in the profits from the sale of citizen NFTs.

Therefore, citizens can participate in profits by purchasing shareholding NFTs, investing, and contributing to a portion of the project's infrastructure.

The development team has focused on three points with this initiative:

1. Citizens and the development team are moving on the same path, with a clear and unified goal, working together to achieve these great objectives.

2. Your membership as a citizen does not mark the end of our work with you; rather, it initiates a grand process towards achieving material and spiritual goals.

3. Developers are adamant about sharing profits with citizens in all sectors.

There's an important point to note: the more successful we are in project development and in advancing towards our goals, the greater the profits for citizen participation and the project.

In the first phase, a limited number of 100 shareholding NFTs have been produced and placed in the WiiproMasterKey collection on the OpenSea market. After purchasing an NFT, you can register it in your user account, and from that moment on, participation profits and referral rewards will accrue to you.

These will be calculated according to the following table:

# Participation Profit Referral Reward
Minimum 2.5% 0.5%
Maximum 6% 1.5%

Participation profits and referral rewards will be deposited into your user account at the beginning of each month and will be withdrawable for you. The location for paying participation profits and referral rewards is from the project's profit pool from the sale of WiiproMasterKey NFTs. The percentage of participation profits will be calculated based on the profits from the sale of these NFTs. Specifically, 10% of the net profit from the sale of SHAREHOLDING NFT will be placed in a pool, and the percentage of participation profits and referral rewards will be determined based on the balance of this pool.

By referring every 5 citizens to this plan, you add 50% to 100% of your participation profit. The count of referred individuals starts from the purchase of the first SHAREHOLDING NFT on your behalf, in order to increase the percentage of participation profit. The maximum number of shareholding NFTs that each person can register depends on their user level. Users with one and two-star levels can register one SHAREHOLDING NFT, while three-star and VIP users can register 2 SHAREHOLDING NFTs in their commercial position.


The participation profit payment period is 24 months, after which you can choose to renew your participation contract or return your SHAREHOLDING NFT to the project and receive your payment in full. Alternatively, considering the appreciation of SHAREHOLDING NFT, you can sell it at any price you desire in the market.

Termination of Contract Before Maturity:

The project guarantees the repurchase of your SHAREHOLDING NFT. This means that after 60 days from purchasing SHAREHOLDING NFT, you can sell your SHAREHOLDING NFT whenever you want, and after 30 working days, the amount you paid for purchasing SHAREHOLDING NFT will be refunded, minus the return fee. After submitting a request to sell SHAREHOLDING NFT to the project, your participation profit will be discontinued.


1. With a small capital, you can participate in the profits of this large project.

2. It is part of the collection related to civic NFTs, meaning that besides participation profits, your SHAREHOLDING NFT will become more valuable day by day, allowing you to gain significant profits from its appreciation.

3. With the development of the project, the value of your SHAREHOLDING NFT, which essentially represents your participation and investment, will increase. Since not everyone can have this type of NFT, your SHAREHOLDING NFT will become highly valuable.


Given the citizens' enthusiasm, the development team can offer its shareholding NFTs in subsequent phases after the end of the sale of phase one SHAREHOLDING NFTs (shareholdingNFT100).