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The digital currency investment and trading platform from Wiipro's major holdings, which you enable to invest as a capital in various markets such as digital currencies and its products. By relying on technology, we are sure that your investment will be made with high security and transparently. During your investment experience, you can easily manage your digital ledger and enjoy WiiPro product city privileges.

About Us

About For Wiipro

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At WiiproProductCity, we are trying to introduce and use modern technologies optimally and fairly with the approach of human rights and charitable activities, environmental protection, supporting charitable NGOs, social activities of communities and creating modern jobs for all people of the world.
So far, in line with these goals, we have taken the following actions
The idea of the extensive WiiproProductCity project was initiated by research and consultation with experienced people by professional teams with the development and evolution of designs.
WiiproProductCity project has started building and developing its development and support team by employing expert and talented people in different fields and it continues...
In the WiiproProductCity project, many artists, designers, writers were invited to cooperate, and we signed a cooperation agreement with some of them who were the best in their kind, and we are still expanding our artistic team.
The WiiproProductCity project has negotiated with marketers and activists of various financial fields from all over the country and signed cooperation agreements with many of them, and this process will continue until the introduction of this project to the whole world.

Our Services

Our Services For WIIPRO

Wiipro Product City offers the following services to its customers with the best quality

Specialized NFTs Wiipro

Due to the expansion of Wiipro project nft programs from its nfts in its services:
Metaverse projects
game and fun
Seasonal lotteries
Tickets for annual meetings
will use.


(meta wiipro)

The Metaverse will actually replace the Internet. We will have several Metaverse projects here so that citizens and users can participate in our activities in different parts of the world without being physically present.

WIIPRO games and entertainment

Using the latest technologies, we offer various projects in the field of games and entertainment with the highest appeal to our citizens and users. You can earn a lot in this field.

Decentralized exchange

(wiipro dex)

By using our decentralized exchange, you can use our special services in your transactions as a citizen. We create schemes like share pool and reward etc. for citizens and users.


(wiipro invest)

By investing in various investment projects and plans, you can have very high returns and profits.

Wiipro Prediction

In Wiipro Product City prediction programs, you can earn attractive earnings by predicting live sports matches.

Copy trading

Wipro has provided the conditions that you can benefit from these markets without having expertise in the field of financial markets. We trade, you get profit.

Wipro Academy

Providing the most up-to-date trainings in financial markets (cryptocurrency, forex, nazardaq) Psychology, personal growth and development By presenting an official document

Wipro Lending

You can easily and away from banking ups and downs with your citizen credit from Wipro and get a digital currency loan.

white paper

white paper for WIIPRO

To learn more about the Wiipro Product City project, watch the video below



Stratagy & Roadmap

A short look into the future so that you can draw your future with us

agust 2023

Citizens nft

You can become a citizen of Wiipro Product City and use citizenship services by starting nfts citizenship sales.

October 2023

Dedicated token

By investing in this token, you will enjoy a very good profit

March 2024


The beginning of the sale of Metaverse land in Wiipro's exclusive space

April 2024


We try to make your dreams come true as soon as possible by holding lots of lotteries

Market Trend

+0.36% Market up in the last 24 hours

# Currency $ Price 24H Change Market Cap. T. Supply 24H Volume
Bitcoin BTC
$ 66,226.3 0.29 $ 1,305.52 B Ƀ 19,712,937.0 Ƀ 4,961.28
Ethereum ETH
$ 3,560.64 0.96 $ 427.83 B Ξ 120,154,589.4 Ξ 121,445.7
Binance Coin BNB
$ 605.86 -0.13 $ 89.42 B BNB 147,584,125.3 BNB 136,467.3
Ripple XRP
$ 0.4885 2.16 $ 48.84 B XRP 99,987,531,962.0 XRP 60,450,604.3
Cardano ADA
$ 0.4125 0.25 $ 18.56 B ADA 45,000,000,000.0 ADA 10,484,225.4
Dogecoin Doge
$ 0.1361 -0.07 $ 19.70 B DOGE 144,730,026,383.7 DOGE 141,898,733.4
Polygon Matic
$ 0.6118 1.66 $ 6.12 B MATIC 9,996,901,792.6 MATIC 12,694,818.7
Solana Sol
$ 144.55 0.63 $ 83.57 B SOL 578,159,696.0 SOL 366,454.2
# Currency $ Price
$ 66,226.3
$ 3,560.64
$ 605.86
$ 0.4885
$ 0.4125
$ 0.1361
$ 0.6118
$ 144.55


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